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Why You Should Join a CEO Group

August 20, 2023 9:30 am

A CEO group, in the simplest of terms, is a support group for entrepreneurs at any stage of their business career. Mentors that are part of these organizations are all non-competing CEOs that have established successful companies and are willing to share their knowledge and provide advice to others. Being part of one of these groups allows you to receive custom guidance for your business as well as create connections with highly respected executives.

What is the Process of Joining a Group?

You will need to apply to whichever CEO group category best suits you and follow that group’s program. All groups meet once a month for three hours over the course of a year. These meetings are highly private and confidential and you can contribute to planning the meeting schedule (time, dates, and locations) for the year.

How Would This Benefit You?

Participating in a CEO group can provide valuable support, insights, and a sense of camaraderie for CEOs who may be facing unique challenges in leading their organizations.

Peer Learning

CEOs, though they are at the top of the food chain of their own company, are one of many executives all around the world. When they come together in confidence, there is so much they can learn from each other. Hearing about the successes and failures of others helps you gain valuable insights and strategies to apply to your own business. 

Networking Opportunities

CEO groups provide once-in-a-lifetime networking opportunities. With so many successful and like-minded people working together, the likelihood of developing meaningful relations is quite probable. These groups provide the opportunity to build relationships with other business leaders that could lead to collaboration, partnerships, and potential business opportunities.  

Diverse Perspectives

Being part of a CEO group exposes you and other leaders to diverse perspectives from a variety of industries and backgrounds. This allows for broad thinking and encourages diversification to be applied to problem-solving. Fresh ideas and new perspectives are crucial elements for the growth and success of any business. 

CEO groups, networking, collaboration

What are the Different Types of CEO Groups?

The Enterprise Center at Salem State University offers three different CEO group categories for you to choose from. They each focus on different stages of owning and operating a business and aim to be a resource for a CEO at that current stage. 


The solopreneur group is for business owners that are just starting their companies and sprouting their careers. It’s for CEOs with less than three years of experience or less than $250,000 in revenue.


The established group is for CEOs who have successfully established but want to continue to grow their business. The specific targets of this group are those with more than three years of experience, and with business revenues that don’t fall below $250,000 and don’t exceed $800,000.

Million Dollar

The million dollar group is the most exclusive out of the three. It’s reserved for CEOs with at least one employee and $1 million in revenue or more. The goal of this group is to teach successful CEOs how to continue to grow and learn more about leadership and guiding future employees.

The purpose of a CEO group is to provide a supportive and confidential environment where CEOs can discuss their challenges, seek advice, and learn from the experiences of their peers. Consider joining today to help gain insights on how to grow your business. 

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