Established in the heart of educational growth, the Enterprise Center at Salem State University welcomes entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals of all ages and experience levels to come in and learn something new.


The Enterprise Center is an entrepreneurial hub that offers business owners office space, education, and access and connections to small business resources. Serving entrepreneurs on the North Shore and beyond, we invite you to be part of our community. We’re here to help you and your business start, grow and succeed!

Home Away From Home

Whether you’re ready to move out of your home office or looking for an office building that provides a built in entrepreneurial community, business resources and professional growth opportunities – The Enterprise Center is the place for you.

Our single story, 53,000 square foot building is located on a vibrant and beautiful university campus. We currently have office spaces for one or two individuals or larger spaces with individual offices for you and your employees.

Upcoming Programs

The SCORE Startup Roadmap includes 12 modules*. This workshop will present the module entitled “Staffing Your Business” where you will think through the costs and benefits of hiring workers and whether you should hire employees, independent contractors or both. If…

Wed, Feb. 28, 2024 - 8:30am - 10:00am

As beneficial as it is to conduct business online, it is challenging to navigate the changing landscape and understand your obligations, responsibilities, and legal pitfalls. This presentation will cover how you can protect your business, avoid the pitfalls, and answer…

Thu, Mar. 7, 2024 - 8:30am - 10:00am

Master the Basics to Get Your Content Seen!  In this interactive workshop we will cover the foundations and pillars of the Instagram platform. The workshop will begin with a primer on social media algorithms and how it all works.  We…




Small Business Story

Listen to how Jessica Moody, owner of Moody’s Home & Gifts in Salem, Massachusetts discovered the Enterprise Center and took advantage of our many resources to improve and grow her business. Her participation and experience in our Business Plan Program & Competition, Workshops and CEO Groups directly impacted her success.

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For Parking

Parking for Enterprise Center events requires an Enterprise Center Parking Pass. Parking spots are located around the “Main Entrance” perimeter of the building and marked by “Parking for Enterprise Center tenants and guests” signs. All other spaces are student parking spaces and can result in a Salem State University Police Parking ticket. If you need a Parking Pass please call (978) 542-7528.

Starting an online business is exciting. You’re finally ready to venture onto the internet to share all of your ideas with the world. However, there are things to watch out for to make sure you’re getting the most out of your online business while being safe. Here are five tips when starting an online business.

Conduct Market Research

Market research uses information to find your business’s target customers. The research includes knowing how the user responds to the product, and how and where to engage with the customers. Before you begin putting your business online you should know who would want your product or service, how profitable it can be, and who you’ll compete with.  

In this process, you’ll need to look at the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), track high-performing keywords, and analyze your competitors. 

Watch for Copyright

Copyright protects original works and prevents intellectual property from being stolen. When creating your website, it automatically is copyrighted because it is an original work. However, it’s important to physically note when things are copyrighted on your website to prevent stolen works. Adding a copyright notice at the bottom of your site explicitly tells users they can’t use your content without your permission. 

To register for copyright, check out the U.S Copyright Office’s online registration portal and complete an application under “Other Digital Content”. It should take around six to eight months to have your work copyrighted. 

While you can copyright your site, that means that other sites are also copyrighted. You should never use another website’s logo or name without permission. Always assume that work created on another site is intellectual property.

Minimize Liability with Freelance Contractors

When starting your business you may want to hire freelance contractors like developers, writers, and designers to help put your website online. The last thing you want your online business to deal with is legal disputes regarding these freelance workers. To prevent this, establish a contract that defines the relationship, establishes the amount of work, and includes payment terms. In regards to payment, always make sure you’re practicing correct practices that are timely. 

Include Terms of Use Agreement on Your Website

A Terms of Use Agreement is a “document that includes disclaimers and notices clarifying the limits of the website or business’s liability to the visitor.” This agreement will protect you and your business from liability regarding content errors and user content, prevent stolen intellectual property from your website, and fight against malware, bots, and viruses from entering and accessing a site. 

Boost Cybersecurity 

Like your website property, customers who visit your site must also be protected. When people come to your site to buy a product or service, they will most likely input credit card information and other personal data. You should be looking into security software and firewalls to fight against hackers. Keep note of all the latest security trends to stay on top of what is best for your online business.

Creating a business online offers many opportunities. Find out more on how to run your online business safely with our presentation “What You Should Know About Doing Business Online,” hosted by Shehla Syed on February 14.

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