The Enterprise Center contributes to the economic development of the North Shore by helping people start their business, grow their business and solve business problems. We are thankful for the family of speakers who join our efforts and generously contributed their time and expertise to support our mission.

Our workshops are learning and enrichment opportunities specifically designed for business owners and professionals at all levels. These just-in-time knowledge workshops help individuals get up to speed on current and relevant topics that every business owner and entrepreneur needs to know to assimilate and grow in the business world. We are grateful to our Enterprise Center family of speakers who generously contributed their time and expertise to support our mission. Below is a list of our current and past program speakers.

Workshop Categories

2021 Speakers

Shehla Syed

Tariana Little

Susu Wong

Ted McLyman

Senator Ed Markey

Secretary Rosalin Acosta

Kate Beeders

Janet Parnes

Meredith Fine

Debbie Tyson

Erica Rydzewski

Cori DiDonato

Michelle Ouellette

Paula Murphy

Hans Van Putten

Peter Dragone

Bruce Share

Lesley Tracy

Ashley Judge

Jim Ognibene

Robert DeLeo

Hannah Ginley

Secretary Stephanie Pollack

Senate President Karen E. Spilka

Joanne Jonah

Jennifer Carey

Dayna Wood

Christie Lindor

Leslie Scales

Herb Harris

Charles Smith

Ross Dobson

Nneka Nwosu Faison

Susan Shelby

Doug Bates

Paul Simms

Jacqui Richard

Jeff Cutler

Bob Adams

Juliet Gil

Paul Parisi

Jackie King

Sheree Zizik

Ed Brzychcy

Scott Kirsner

Bruce Share

Matt Beaton

Bonnie Henry

Gayle Nowack

Maureen Pomeroy

Barry Horwitz

Maria Nigro Di Stefano

Robin Samora

Keith Lane

Justin Miller

Erin Calvo-Bacci

Michael Abramson

Jim Stone

Mary Honan

Wendy Sabin

Jeanne Union

Donato Dandreo

Richard Langevin

Mike Sperling

Guy Clinch

John McDougall

Shelia Scott

Kim Woods

Paula Barrett

Glenn Champagne

Brian Gravel

Cara Hutchins

Stephen Webster

Arend de Jong

Marc Slafsky

Nancy Frates

Patricia Negron

Jodi Smith

Karyn Polito

Fran Dichner

Robert Nelson

Jennifer Powell

Gordon Plutsky

Walter Manninen

Nancy Mobley

Jane Johnson

Matt Smith

Ron Tanner

Carrie Stack

Jeannine O'Neil

Bruce Share

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