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CEO Groups open for enrollment – 2018






The Enterprise Center is looking for business owners/CEOs to join our 2018 CEO groups. Each group is geared for a different level of CEO so please click on Group Categories to learn which one is right for you.

Business Cycle
      –  Start-up/Solopreneur CEO Group                                    
      –  Established CEO Group                                                      
      –  Million Dollar CEO Group                                                    

       –  Million Dollar Non-Profit Executive Directors CEO Group           

Video Testimonials

View the videos below to listen to CEO Group participants talk about their experience:

It can be lonely being a business owner. It’s hard to talk about serious business issues and challenges with people who don’t run their own business, who aren’t interested in your issues or are people with whom you can’t share this information.

Why Should You Join a CEO Group?

You should join a CEO Group because you have business issues to discuss and need a place where you can talk in confidence, put your issues on the table, and listen to how other business owners have managed the same issues. In addition, it is beneficial to you and your business to have a group of business peers that will support you and often become long-term relationships.

How does a CEO group work?

CEO Groups are made up of 8 to 10 business owners/CEOs and a professional facilitator.  The Group meets once a month for three hours over the course of a year.  At the first meeting the Group Members decide when they will meet, typically choosing a breakfast meeting that runs from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.  The professional facilitator manages the conversation and ensures that everyone gets the opportunity to put their concerns on the table and contribute to the discussion. These meetings are private, confidential and enormously beneficial.  These meetings help you solve problems and take action to manage and overcome your ongoing business issues.

If you are interested in joining one of these CEO groups, please read the information in the box on this page or contact Noreen Hazelton by mail at or by phone at 978-542-7528.  You may also fill out an attached Application and email it to

This is what other business owners say about the value of being in a CEO Group:

“The CEO group was a terrific place where I could bring my business issues and learn from other CEOs how they were handling similar issues,  and working with a Mentor was truly helpful“  –  Rich McElroy, President, My Print and Copy

“As an individual business owner I do not have a business partner or board of directors to help me make business decisions, to bounce ideas around with, to punch holes in them.  Having a group of my peers truly dedicated to helping me make the best possible business decisions keeps me focused and accountable.  I know I can turn to them and I know they also rely on me for the same.  The CEO group has made a real difference to my business.”                Liz Silva, Hamilton Bookkeeping

The CEO group provides me the ongoing support that is necessary to grow my business in the most stable way possible. I have felt so fortunate to be a participant in this program.” – Jeannette Kahn, North Shore Children’s Therapies. 

The Enterprise Center has several CEO Groups. Please link to the Group Categories page to learn which group is the best fit for you:   Group Categories