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The Best Digital Marketing Ideas 

February 21, 2020 10:46 am

Was boosting your digital marketing strategy part of your business resolution list for 2020? If so, you may want to get started working on your new digital marketing ideas to drive more traffic to your website or increase your online brand awareness. 
Don’t quite know where to start? It can be a struggle since digital marketing strategies seem to be constantly evolving each year. Whether you plan to engage more in social media, email marketing, reputation building, or content building, any steps you take can help solidify your business’s name in the online universe. Here are a few ideas to point you in the right direction. 

online reputation managementMonitor Your Online Reputation 

While many businesses can claim that they are online with an easy-to-navigate website or have a strong social presence on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, not all of them remember to practice reputation Management. 
This means that you need to maintain your business’s good name by checking online reviews and answering comments or criticisms head on. Resolving problems shows that you are a responsive company and that you care about maintaining good customer service.
Set up a Google alert for your business so you know when new articles that mention your business are posted. It’s also a good idea to engage in social media monitoring as well, since one bad comment can be shared thousands of times before you get ahead of the issue.  

Try Online Advertising 

You would be amazed at how cost-effective online advertising can be, especially if you have a PPC campaign you only pay when a customer clicks on it. Facebook has many ad types that can be used to help you build more local awareness, drive to targeted landing pages and even get you more followers. Be sure you consult your marketing team because they may have specific guidelines on what audiences they would like to target and why. 

online marketingInvest in Digital Marketing Tools 

As with anything in business, it is a good idea to use a tool that is meant to help you in a specific area. Digital marketing tools such as: Google Adwords, Google Analytics, HubSpot, MailChimp, and Hootsuite, can help you define your brand online, and keep you connected with your customer base.  Finding the right tool for your business can help you define your keywords, track metrics, and post on social media in an organized manner. 

Add Valuable Content 

We’ve all heard that content is king and your digital marketing strategy can prove that. Adding content to your website via a blog, adding new service or product pages, or “How To” videos can not only stimulate interest in your brand offering but also provide some value for your site visitors. In addition, content is recognized as powerful SEO markers that tells the search engines that your site is alive and active. 
Do you have questions about your digital marketing strategy? Check out our workshop on “Innovative Marketing Ideas” on Feb 28th. 

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