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Innovative Marketing Ideas

Fri, Feb 28, 2020 @ 8:30 am - 3:00 pm

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The marketing mix is also called the 4 Ps of marketing. The 4 Ps are product, price, place, and promotion. Marketers use these tools to attract and satisfy their customer base. Each element of the marketing mix is linked to the others, and they all need to be carefully integrated and coordinated to be effective. If the marketing mix is handled correctly, it will satisfy the target audience and create support for the brand.
Market funnels are traditional tools used by marketers. The marketing funnel contains the stages that a customer takes on the way to purchase your product. The funnel may vary slightly, but there are basic stages in the AIDA funnel that remain the same. These stages are awareness, interest, desire, and action.
When communicating with consumers, the message shouldn’t be all about better or lower prices; it should be about the value and service you can offer. Only 1/3 of customers completely base purchases on price. Most customers are looking for value. In order to sell value to customers, you need to understand what it is they value. Knowing your target market is essential to this process
Understanding customers is essential to marketing success. Many companies, however, still make the mistake of not listening to customers. Demographics and basic market research, however, is not listening. Marketing that is only based on this information will not be the most effective.
Module One: Getting Started
Workshop Objectives
Module Two: What is Marketing?
What is a Market?
Marketing is Not Selling
Understanding Customer Needs
Defining Your Product or Service
Module Three: Common Marketing Types (I)
Direct Marketing
Active Marketing
Incoming Marketing
Outgoing Marketing
Module Four: Common Marketing Types (II)
Guerilla Marketing
B2B Marketing
B2C Marketing
Promotional Marketing
Module Five: The Marketing Mix
Module Six: Communicating the Right Way
The Marketing Pitch
Sell Value Not Price
Fun and Entertaining is Powerful
Choosing the Right Media
Module Seven: Customer Communications
Give Your Customers a Voice
It’s Not About You, It’s About Them
Every Interaction Counts
Answer Questions Honestly
Module Eight: Marketing Goals
Brand Switching
Repeat Purchases
Brand Loyalty
Inform and Educate
Module Nine: The Marketing Funnel
Module Ten: Marketing Mistakes (I)
Not Taking Social Media Seriously
Not Having a USP
Cross Cultural and International Translations
Not Building a Relationship
Module Eleven: Marketing Mistakes (II)
Not Having a Plan
Aiming at Everyone
Not Tracking Metrics
Not Listening to Your Customers
NOTE: A parking permit will be emailed to all registered/paid participants shortly before the class date. 
In-Person Class Refund Policy: 100% refund before the first class meeting; 50% before the second class meeting. No refunds after the second class meeting.
Online Class Refund Policy:  In the case of a Salem State Online class, 100% refund before the scheduled start date. No refunds once the Salem State Online class begins. For all other online classes (Gatlin, Ed2go, or MindEdge) no refunds of any kind will be issued). Please call Andrea DiVirgilio at 978-542-6302 for more information


Jim Ognibene

Jim has studied and taught in the field of Organizational and Talent Development for two decades. He and his team have designed & delivered leadership development and customer service programs including over 1300 full and half day professional development workshops. He has grown tremendously through giving and receiving hundreds of one on one coaching and mentoring sessions. Human development is the common theme along his career path: Director, Organizational Development, State Government; Customer Service Trainer and Leader in several private sector organizations; Manager of Volunteers at the Greater Boston Food Bank and Business Education Teacher in a private high school. His experience pans all four key sectors: private, public, education and nonprofit.

Jim has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Marketing from George Mason University, Virginia and a Masters of Education in Instructional Design from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Jim Ognibene

Visioneer Consulting

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