Tips for Making a Good Impression on Clients

Tips for Making a Good Impression on Clients

April 19, 2023 9:43 am

One of your most vital responsibilities you have as a business owner is being the face of your business. This often means meeting potential clients in-person and making a good impression. During your first meeting, you want to win them over and make them feel like they’re making the right choice using your services. Here are a few simple tips on how to do just that.

Do Your Research to Make A Connection

Always research your client before they even step foot into the meeting room. Go over their website and social media. If their business provides a service, look for reviews. You want all the insight you can get on them. Why? Because knowing about them will give you a way to connect with them.

It can be as simple as recognizing what their needs are and how you can fill them. Or it can be as personal as reading the CEO’s bio and connecting over a mutual love of cooking or sports. Many clients are more willing to work with someone they develop a personal connection with. But coming in already knowing who they are and what you can offer gives both sides confidence that this meeting will be a success.

Have Ideas at the Ready

Are you redesigning the client’s website? Making improvements to their product? Creating advertisements like fliers and posters? Whatever service you’re offering, the best way to prove to your client that you’re the right company for the job is to come to the table with some suggestions or examples.

Maybe you’ve had a similar client you’ve done work for and you can show them what you did in the past. Perhaps while doing your initial research you came up with a brilliant idea for a campaign. What matters is that you come prepared with exciting ideas to share during your sales pitch. At the same time, be flexible and willing to take the client’s suggestions too. Putting your heads together could result in a signed contract and happy client.


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Take Notes

It’s easy to get wrapped up in conversation, but remember to take time to jot down notes throughout the meeting. It can be about what the client is looking for, key points of the conversation, and promises either side has made. You’ll be able to look back on these notes later and ensure none of the details you discussed fall through the cracks. 

Even if you have an incredible memory and know you’ll recall everything discussed, this is still something you should do. Note-taking is an important visual clue for the client that you’re paying close attention to the conversation. This leaves a lasting, positive impression on them that will make them confident that this partnership will work out for the best.

Follow Up With the Client

A first impression doesn’t entirely end once that first meeting is over. There’s one last thing you can do to make sure you’re considered the right person for the job – follow up with the client.

It’s a simple step but it can make all the difference. It can be a personalized thank-you note or a quick email saying you appreciate them taking the time to meet. You can even forward them an article you found that relates to what you discussed in the meeting, or throw in a few ideas you just came up with. What matters is that following up shows the client that your meeting had an impact on you and that the door is open for more communication. It lets them know that you felt the meeting went well.

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