Mike Sperling

Mike is the Founder and Director of Sperling Interactive. Mike’s keen eye for photography, extensive technology skills and innovative marketing ideas make Mike a leader in the website design and management field. He is proficient in html, css, php, javascript, MySQL and the Adobe Design Suite. Before founding Sperling Interactive, Mike worked his way up from staff photographer at the Eagle Tribune Publishing Company to the lead operator and manager of multiple websites for daily and weekly publications. Known as the “media guru”, Mike gathered years of experience before making the leap to start his own business. He graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a BFA in Photojournalism and a minor in Mass Communications. When Mike is not meeting with clients or designing new websites he enjoys spending time with his wife, Jodi, daughter Zoey, and son Camden. Mike enjoys hiking, geocaching, traveling, movies, the Baltimore Orioles & Ravens.

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Growth, Marketing, Social Media


job interview

Interview Tricks and Tips 

Fri, Mar. 27, 2020

Just out of college? Changing jobs? Switching careers? The reasons are plentiful for starting the job hunt process and interview scene. Preparing for what you may encounter at an interview can mean the difference between landing the job of your dreams or being passed over.  Interview prep usually takes the form of knowing what you...

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work items

Brand Building 101  

Tue, Mar. 24, 2020

A recognizable and unique brand is one of the biggest assets to any company, big or small. The reason for this is clear; the more recognizable your brand, the more consumers will buy your products. How then can you continue to build your brand and help consumers recognize your services and products through your brand...

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4 Ways to Track Your Online Marketing 

Tue, Mar. 17, 2020

How can you tell if your marketing strategy is working? For some companies, it’s as easy as seeing if sales have increased, or foot traffic into your shop has improved. For other businesses, it takes a little analysis to see if the efforts of a specific campaign have paid off.  All companies need to know...

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instagram icon

Instagram For Business 

Thu, Mar. 12, 2020

Is your small business looking to expand their social media presence online? If you first dipped into the social media pool with a Facebook business page, now may be a good time to add Instagram to the mix. Not sure how? Continue reading for how to set up an Instagram account and how to use...

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planning event

How to Organize Your Next Event 

Wed, Mar. 4, 2020

Event planning can be stressful. There may seem like a million little tasks that need to fall into place at just the right moment in order to pull off your special event. Even seasoned professionals can feel the anxiety rise as they inch closer to the date of the event.  If you are new to...

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online marketing

The Best Digital Marketing Ideas 

Fri, Feb. 21, 2020

Was boosting your digital marketing strategy part of your business resolution list for 2020? If so, you may want to get started working on your new digital marketing ideas to drive more traffic to your website or increase your online brand awareness.  Don’t quite know where to start? It can be a struggle since digital...

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website design

5 Tips to Improve Your Website 

Thu, Feb. 20, 2020

A company’s website is generally the hub of any marketing strategy. It’s where you direct traffic, inform visitors of your products and services, and where deals or discounts are offered. Does your website have a clear message, clear branding, and easy-to-follow navigation? If not, you may lose customers within seconds of landing on your page. ...

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growth and positivity

Promote Positivity at Work 

Wed, Feb. 19, 2020

When you walk into your office, what’s the general feeling? Is it a warm, welcoming environment? Is it a place where team members feel supported or encouraged to take risks? Or is there a sense of drudgery and doom? Obviously, business leaders hope to encourage the former, more positive work environment, but how to achieve...

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business growth

Steps to Help Your Business Grow

Thu, Feb. 6, 2020

Are you a young company hoping to grow your business? Or, are you a well-established company hoping to expand your customer base and delve into new areas? Either way, you are probably looking for strategies to help your business grow. Here are a few ideas from other business leaders that can help you achieve this...

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preparing a presentation

How to Make the Best Professional Presentations

Sat, Feb. 1, 2020

Unless you are naturally comfortable in front of a crowd, speaking at length about your industry, product, or services may be a daunting challenge. Keeping it all together, knowing your audience, and nailing the slides can seem a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to help. Here are just a few ideas on how to...

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