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Why Your Organization Needs To Keep Up With Technology 

January 12, 2022 8:24 am

The last couple of years have seen a steep learning curve when it comes to workplace technology. In the matter of just a few weeks in 2020, employees adjusted to working from home and learning the ins-and-outs of virtual conference calls, among other technologies. 

Is your organization keeping up with the changes that come fast and furious with technology? If not, we have some reasons why you may want to adopt a policy to stay up-to-date for your business’s safety and productivity. 

Whether your employees work remotely, in a hybrid format, or entirely in the office, you will want to examine whether your hardware and software is aging gracefully or whether it needs to be modernized, not only for reasons of cyber security, but also to increase your communications and efficiency for clients and employees alike. 

Let’s examine some of the reasons 2022 may be the year you will need to take a hard look at your hardware and software to maintain your competitive edge. 

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The number one priority of any small or medium-sized business is to maintain the security of their data and networks. Breaches can mean a loss of revenue, unplanned downtime, and a major blow to a company’s reputation. 

Maintaining safety of connections, servers, and client data is important all the time, but has been spotlighted recently due to the large number of employees working remotely. 

Questions that loom over the remote or hybrid workforce include: 

  • Have the devices been updated with the most secure software or patches? 
  • Is your network connection secure? 
  • Is the device working efficiently? 

If not, then obsolete security practices may be the only thing protecting your business from a cyber crime. By updating software and patches, your devices will be using the latest security safeguards. 

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Relevancy & Competitiveness 

Clients and consumers are getting more technologically savvy in the past few decades. They expect websites to load quickly, navigation to be intuitive, and online help available 24/7. 

Sadly, many companies have not had the financial health or time to keep up with all the changes that have occurred. 

To stay relevant in your industry and competitive with others in your field, it is important to stay up-to-date in terms of technology that can impact your consumers, especially those that make your website and ecommerce work. 

Productivity & Efficiency

When software is on the older end of the spectrum, it lacks newer features that can make work more automated. It also means that your devices and programs may not work at the speed needed to satisfy your consumers. 

Newer software and technology can have a huge impact on the speed of work as well as a positive impact on consumers on the front end. 

If your business needs assistance, the Enterprise Center offers a Small Business Technical Assistance Services (SBTAS) Program that could help keep you in line with the latest tech. 


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