Tips For Creating Content for Your Website 

November 9, 2022 8:11 am

Bill Gates once stated that “content is king” in terms of information on websites and ​the future of the Internet as a marketplace for content. He said this nearly a quarter of a century ago, and it still holds true today. 

Content is still a key component of running a successful business and maintaining a presence on the internet. But how can busy business owners ensure that their websites have content that is valuable and utilized? 

Let’s explore some tips on writing content for your website that help you focus on what’s really important. working together on progrect

Before You Write 

Whether you are updating copy on your main website, adding blogs, or creating content on your social media channels, you will want to take some time before heading to the keyboard (or old school pen and paper) to consider: 

  • What is the purpose of the content? 
  • Who is the audience you hope to reach? 
  • Does it add value to your site or help your audience in any way? 
  • Have you researched your competitors locally, regionally, or nationally to see what they are doing? 

Once you have decided upon your purpose for writing and the group of people you are hoping to connect with through the content, you have a better idea of what you may want to write and where the copy should be placed, whether it is on a testimonial page, your social channels, in video format, or through your company blogs or newsletters. 

Don’t forget the last important step of taking a closer look at your competitors and doing some keyword research on a website like SEMRush. This may help your business realize gaps or content areas that are missing from your website. 

During the Writing Process

Whether you have a dedicated writer on your staff or are hiring a third-party writer, there are some things to consider during the writing process including 

  • Open with a “hook.” In other words, make sure your opening catches the attention of the reader by asking a question or giving a statistic that is shocking. 
  • Make the article easy to read and navigate by including headers and subheaders that can be scanned visually. 
  • Use a unique “voice” that is true to your brand whether it is personal and first-person or more professional and formal. 
  • Add visuals such as graphics or images related to your copy. 
  • Avoid jargon and catchy business sayings but do use keywords from your research. 
  • Give a call to action (CTA) that gets your readers to delve further into your website or access to your services/products. 

Post-Writing Process 

Once your copy is written, be sure to have someone edit your work. Often mistakes are missed when edited by the writer due to being so close to the content. 

In addition to editing for grammatical and spelling errors, confirm that the content fits its original purpose. Add links that are both external to respected sources and internal links that connect your readers to more of your valuable content. 


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