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The Benefits of CEO Groups at the Enterprise Center at Salem State University 

May 11, 2022 8:33 am

Navigating the business world can be challenging especially when you are a C-level leader. Too often the ability to access appropriate networking is missing or there isn’t enough time to attend at a certain level. 

That’s where Salem State University’s CEO Groups as a part of the Enterprise Center becomes a valuable tool that CEOs across the Commonwealth and most especially in our region should take advantage of. 

CEO Groups

What Are CEO Groups? 

The CEO Groups through the Enterprise Center comprise 8 to 10 business owners/CEOs and a professional facilitator. These groups generally meet once a month at an agreed upon time by the group members making it convenient for all involved. 

Most often CEO Groups choose to meet during breakfast hours before the true workday has even gotten underway, usually between 8-11 am. The meetings usually last for approximately three hours whether they are in person or held virtually. 

The ultimate goal of these meetings is to build relationships with other CEOs who can help you solve problems and take action to manage and overcome your ongoing business issues. Facilitators lead members through discussions where everyone has a chance to talk about their most common issues and how they resolved them.

Three CEO Groups 

The right CEO Group for you will depend upon whether your business is well-established, new, a solo venture, or a larger organization. The Enterprise Center offers three unique CEO Groups including: 

  • The Solopreneur which is offered for lone business leaders who are looking to build relationships that can help them support their business. 
  • The “Established” CEO Group is geared toward business leaders who are growing their business and would like to be surrounded by like-minded individuals. 
  • The Million Dollar CEO Group is meant for larger organizations looking to build relationships with other CEOs facing larger scale issues. 

CEO Groups Benefits

One of the most obvious benefits of joining one of the Enterprise Center’s CEO Groups is to have a core group of experienced professionals whom you can use as a sounding board. Many of them may have encountered the same issues and can be a source of knowledge or even just a listening ear. 

Another aspect of being a part of a CEO group is learning from each other. Consider the beginning of the pandemic when businesses needed to quickly change and adapt to a new world. CEO Groups were there to help support each other and explain what worked best for them to aid their fellow CEO members. 

Scaling up or down is often a source of challenges for businesses. Having other professionals to learn from can be a huge help to avoid navigating the perils of scaling on your own. 

It may feel lonely at the top at times but it needn’t feel that way when you have the support of CEO Groups on your side. Check out the levels of CEO Groups at Enterprise and get started building relationships today! 




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