Benefits of Apprenticeships for Job Seekers

Benefits of Apprenticeships For Job Seekers

February 1, 2023 12:25 pm

One of the unfortunate double-edged swords of gaining an education in a particular skill is that employers are looking to hire people with experience. But how does a newly educated craftsperson gain experience without a job? This cycle could be endless, leaving workers wondering how to gain the experience needed to find a valuable position in the industry and business owners seeking a capable and well-trained workforce. 

That’s where apprenticeships come into play, benefitting both employers and job seekers alike. Let’s explore the advantages of taking part in an apprenticeship program for those who will be seeking employment in the near future. In our next blog, we will explore the other side of the coin – how apprenticeships benefit businesses. 


What Is An Apprenticeship? 

Depending on the industry, an apprenticeship is a type of work placement that combines practical training alongside ongoing role-related studies. More often than not, an apprentice will split their time 80/20 between hands-on training within a business and time spent in the classroom. 

In this manner, an apprenticeship offers both “the opportunity to gain real-world experience and develop an expertise in a chosen field.” (FMD Online

4 Benefits for Job Seekers 

As someone seeking employment, it is vital to include real-world experiences you have gained in the field you are studying. An apprenticeship can do just that. 

Additionally taking one of these hands-on positions can be beneficial by:

Getting Paid to Learn 

Most apprenticeships are paid positions where the apprentice has a sponsor who will work side-by-side with them training them specifically the way a business wants its employees to work. This time is paid and as an added bonus you are continuing to add to your experience and resume. 

Learning From Masters 

One of the best things about an apprenticeship is that learning is taking place at the hands of people who have been in the business for years, if not decades. Sometimes the tricks of the trade can not be found in a textbook but rather in the trenches of actually doing the work. 

Add to this the possibility of gaining industry certifications during your apprenticeship and the advantages just continue to grow. 

Improve Employability

Whether you decide to continue working at the same company after you graduate or not, chances are that through your apprenticeship you have gained skills, experience, and knowledge that will help you land your next job. 

Job Satisfaction 

People who have taken part in an apprenticeship tend to be highly satisfied with their jobs. According to data from the U.S. Department of Labor, over 90% of people who complete an apprenticeship remain employed after nine months and stay devoted to the company that trained and supported them as they were learning. 

If you are considering applying for an apprenticeship in your chosen field, talk to our team about how to make the most of it and a list of employers that offer this type of training and learning environment. 


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