Resume Mistakes

Avoid These Common Resume Mistakes 

January 11, 2023 7:32 am

There is no doubt that the pandemic caused significant disruptions in America’s labor force in what many call The Great Resignation. In fact, over the course of 2021 more than 47 million people quit their jobs in search of something better, whether it was a new career that would bring fulfillment or possibly a better work-life balance.

Many of those millions of people have changed careers, found other employment, or stopped working altogether. Still, others are still on the hunt for a position that could bring fulfillment. Job hunting is always stressful especially when crafting or editing your resume and then going to interviews. 

Today, let’s review some of the most common errors that prospective candidates make on their resumes in the hopes of preventing this from happening to you. 

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Think About the Future, Not the Past 

Many resumes are written in a story form showcasing all past accomplishments and job responsibilities. 

Many human resource departments who spend copious amounts of time reviewing resumes find that candidates should think about the future when crafting a resume. For instance, think about what skills, requirements, and experience an employer will need to fill a position. Be sure that your resume showcases those items clearly rather than just serving as a catch-all list of things you have done in the past. 

Spelling & Grammar

Nothing says you forgot to proofread your work more than a spelling error or typo on a resume. Be sure to have a friend or professional reread your work to be sure it says what you intended. 

Use a spell checker and grammar checker before sending a final copy to your prospective company. 

Stretching the Truth 

Long gone are the days of making things up on a job application or resume. Never stretch the truth to future employers as the truth will always come out one way or another. 

For instance, don’t claim to know software programs that you have merely glanced at. Not only will you be embarrassed when you need to perform your job but you will need to catch up quickly if your “expertise” is something that is needed to do your job properly. 

Incorrect Contact Information 

The ultimate goal of a resume and job application is to land the job. If your email, address, or phone number is inaccurate the employer will have difficulty contacting you and may move on to the next qualified candidate. 

While we are discussing contact information, reconsider using email addresses that are less than professional or use inappropriate language. 

For more information about getting hired or trained for your dream job continue to check back on our blog page as well as our workshops which are updated regularly. 


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