Program: The Salem State University Assistance Corporation (the “Enterprise Center”) will select local businesses that meet the eligibility criteria below to participate in a program to assist small businesses in navigating the challenges presented by COVID-19. Selected participants will have the opportunity to: (a) work with one or more business consultants identified by the Enterprise Center (each a “Provider”) who will perform mutually agreed services (“Consulting Services”), and (b) participate in a six (6) month professionally facilitated CEO group through the Enterprise Center (“CEO Group” and collectively with the Consulting Services, the “Program”), each at no charge to the selected participants.

Eligibility: In order to be eligible to participate in the Program, businesses must:

  • have its primary location in Salem, MA;
  • be owned by one or more individuals that are at least eighteen (18) years of age; and
  • meet one of the following U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”) eligibility requirements by qualifying as either:
  1. A microenterprise business, meaning a business with five or fewer employees including the owner, AND the owner has a household annual income of equal to or less than 80% Area Median Income (AMI); or
  1. A small business having any number of employees that, through the participation in the Program, causes at least one job to be either retained by a low- to moderate-income employee or created for one such individual

in response to COVID-19.

Enterprise Center Staff will review these eligibility requirements with Program applicants after their application has been submitted.

The Enterprise Center, its corporate sponsors, and the City of Salem (collectively the “Sponsors”), and their affiliates, and the officers, directors, elected officials, and employees (collectively, “Released Parties”), and their immediate family members and spouses (regardless of where they reside) and those living in the same household of each (whether or not related) are not eligible to participate. The Program is subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws, rules and regulations, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender or gender identity, familial status, disability, ancestry, age, marital status, public assistance status, sexual orientation, veteran history/military status or genetic information.

How to Participate: Businesses may apply to participate in the Program by submitting an Application Form here: and completing one or more forms required by HUD. Each individual may only apply on behalf of one business. Each business may submit only one Application Form, and must agree to these Program Terms as well as the Enterprise Center Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, as may be updated from time to time, in order to apply and to participate in the Program.

The Program will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis until Program funds are depleted. Once an applicant is determined to be eligible (each a “Participant”), the Enterprise Center will conduct an initial intake assessment to help the Participant prioritize their current needs and review Consulting Services offerings. The Enterprise Center will allocate to each Participant a budget which can be allocated by the Participant, in consultation with the Enterprise Center, among one or more Consulting Services projects (the “Budget”). Determinations of Budget amounts are at the sole discretion of the Enterprise Center and may only be used with the Consulting Services performed by Providers in connection with the Program. Each Participant must utilize any allocated Budget within three (3) months of the initial intake assessment or such amounts will be forfeited.

Conditions: By applying to participate in the Program, you understand and acknowledge that the Sponsors, Providers, facilitators and other personnel associated with the Program, are under no obligation to render any advice or service to any Participant. Providers may require Participants to enter into an engagement agreement or other terms with respect to the Consulting Services, and the Sponsors shall not be a party to any such agreement. The views expressed by these individuals are their own and not those of the Sponsors.

By submitting an Application Form, you give your express permission to be contacted by the Sponsors and Providers by telephone, e-mail and/or postal mail for any purpose connected with the Program.

Released Parties are not responsible for lost, incomplete, illegible, late, damaged, inaccurate, misdirected, garbled, or undelivered email; miscommunications, failed computer hardware or software or technical failures; printing, typographical or other errors appearing within the Application Form, Program Terms, Terms of Use, or Privacy Policy, in any Program-related advertisements or other materials; or other errors or problems of any kind relating to or in connection with the Program, including, without limitation, errors or problems which may occur in connection with the administration of the Program related to the processing of Application Forms, or the scheduling of any intake meeting, the availability of any Provider, or CEO Group, or any injury or damage to Participants’ or any other persons’ computers related to or resulting from uploading or downloading any materials related to this Program. Any such materials are provided solely to facilitate participation in the Program and on an AS IS basis without warranties of any kind.

Limitation of Liability: By applying to participate in this Program, you agree to release, discharge, and hold harmless the Released Parties from any claims, losses, and damages arising out of their participation in this Program or any Program-related activities and the acceptance of any Program benefits. Participants agree that this Program shall be subject to and governed by the substantive laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The forum for any dispute shall be in a court of competent jurisdiction located in Essex County, Massachusetts.

Participants acknowledge that they should not disclose any information that they would consider a trade secret, or any patentable subject matter, in the Application Form or to any Sponsor personnel, facilitator or Provider without consulting with legal counsel.

Miscellaneous: No transfer, assignment, or substitution of the Program benefits by Participant is allowed, except by Sponsors who may substitute Program benefits in their sole and absolute discretion. Participants are responsible for all income, federal, state and local taxes as well as any other costs or expenses associated with participating in the Program. Non-compliance with any of the foregoing or these Program Terms, the inability to contact a Program applicant within a reasonable time period, or failure of the Participant to participate in the initial intake conference or participate in Program events, may result in ineligibility to participate in the Program.

Sponsors reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to modify, terminate or suspend the Program (or any portion thereof) for any reason.

Trademarks: The Enterprise Center and The Enterprise Center logo are trademarks of Salem State Assistance Corporation. Other company, product, or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

For questions, please contact:

Noreen Hazelton | Assistant Director


The Terms of Use is a Spanish translation of the original document written in English, this being the version that governs the relationship between users and the Enterprise Center. If there is any contradiction between the translated version and the original in English, the original in English will be the valid version.