Tom Harvey

BIO Dr. Tom Harvey, President, Family Business Leadership Group

Tom Harvey is a highly regarded leadership consultant, trainer and executive coach with a growing business consultancy on Boston’s North Shore. His professional mission is directed at guiding and supporting family business owners as they pursue their motivation to preserve a family business legacy. He specializes in the critically important, but often over looked business succession areas of family harmony and leadership development.

Tom recognizes the important financial, legal and strategic challenges connected with family business succession work, but focuses much of his energy on helping families and their key managers build their capacities in the critically important areas of social and emotional intelligence, conflict, communication and leadership. He is partnered with a group of talented advisors whom he calls upon to address important succession issues related to important governance and financial needs of his clients.

Because of his focus on the human side of his clients’ business enterprises, Tom is able to successfully deliver his services to clients in a wide variety of industries. Recent work has been with family businesses in the areas of construction, hospitality, insurance, real estate and food manufacturing.

Dr. Harvey's services are built around his proprietary model, called Leader Vitality™, which is an outgrowth of his doctoral research at the University of Maine. Strong evidence reveals that as individuals strive to become vital leaders, and as organizations invest in the creation of leader vitality within their work cultures, "shift" happens - positive and lasting shift in morale, trust, collaborative spirit, openness of communication, strategic problem solving ability, adaptability, confidence and commitment, individual and team performance, job satisfaction and profitability.

Tom holds a bachelor's degree in education, two advanced degrees in counseling (M.Ed. and C.A.S.) and a doctorate in leadership (Ed.D.). He is certified with the National Board of Certified Counselors and is a member of the American Counseling Association and the Family Firm Institute.