Jeff Cutler

Jeff Cutler is a journalism school graduate of Northeastern University. His multi-faceted career includes time as a news reporter; a sportswriter, a technology correspondent and the social media trainer for the Society of Professional Journalists. His clients have included Ford Motor Company, Fidelity Investments, NPR, New York Post, UNOs Restaurants, Brookstone, Google and many other firms in the consumer and B2B space. Jeff is a frequent panelist at technology and marketing conferences, and his skills have resulted in his hiring as a backpack journalist for a variety of world events including the BP oil spill and the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Currently, Jeff is the host of With Jeff - a YouTube video program and spend a lot of time capturing video and still images for clients all over the globe. You can see more at or reach out to Jeff at @JeffCutler on Twitter and he’ll share his stories with you 140 characters at a time.

Event Topic

Marketing, Social Media