Jeannette Khan

North Shore Children’s Therapies

Jeannette Kahn is the proud founder and co-owner of North Shore Children’s Therapies which is celebrating its tenth anniversary of serving thousands of children and their families in the North Shore area.
After earning her Master’s degree from Northwestern University, Jeannette gained valuable experience working in early intervention, the public and private school settings, and the clinical setting.
Jeannette founded North Shore Children's Therapies in 2010 on a mission to provide truly outstanding patient care. North Shore Children’s Therapies offers a unique holistic approach to treatment as a multidisciplinary, pediatric practice focused on speech, occupational and feeding therapies, in addition to social skills coaching. NSCT provides services to children with a wide variety of diagnoses, ranging from mild to profound. A sampling of these diagnoses include children with general speech and language delays, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, motor planning disorders, and congenital anomalies.
Through her own motivation and determination, she learned the key factors for success. She did not have any formal training in business operations; however, she took advantage of many of the opportunities provided by Enterprise Center including their Emerging CEO Group. North Shore Children’s Therapies was the second place winner of the 2013 North of Boston Business Plan Competition.
Jeannette joined forces with Aimee Murray in March of 2019 and is excited to continue to grow the practice under the new partnership!