Dave Johnson

Managing Director, Trainer, Speaker, Coach, Sandler Training

Dave Johnson is an Award-Winning Trainer, Speaker and Coach for Sandler Training. Sandler Training is a world leader in innovative sales, customer service & management training. For more than 40 years, Sandler has taught its distinctive, non-traditional selling system and highly effective sales training methodology, which has helped salespeople and sales managers take charge of the process.

Our training is designed to create lasting “performance improvement” rather than the motivational “quick fix” typical of many seminar-based training programs. Dave takes pride in helping clients, both large and small, overcome the obstacles & challenges they face in reaching their goals. Dave personally experienced the transformative power of Sandler Training as a client of over six years in both a front-line Sales position and in Management helping recruit, on-board, train and coach over forty sales people.

His passion is founded in partnering with people who want to be accountable to their goals, are committed to their professional development and enjoys seeing his clients reach new heights in all stages of their business development career.