Danielle Perretty

About Danielle Perretty:
Danielle's on a mission to bring more health, community, and joy into people’s lives. Founder of wellness startup Beacon Blend, Danielle Perretty is a passionate entrepreneur, marketer, plant-eater, yoga and meditation instructor. From teaching yoga and meditation, to bringing fresh blends to Boston, Danielle abandoned 15+ years of office life to take a more hands-on approach to what it means to work and serve others. When she’s not teaching, she’s managing her line of organic, plant-based juices and smoothies which are delivered to offices, homes, and individuals striving to lead healthier lifestyles.

Beacon Blend delivers superfood bottles, growlers, and cleanses to your doorstep. We offer the ideal balance between convenience and healthy-living, which is essential while bustling through the streets of Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville."By using the whole food, we don’t discard the pulp and we don't waste food. Our juices, smoothies, and chia waters offer essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins and fiber to benefit a healthy lifestyle. You're welcome, mind-body-soul." For more information: www.beaconblend.com

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