Make the Most of your Google AdWords Campaign

October 1, 2015 9:02 am

google-adwordsGoogle Adwords, Google’s powerhouse advertising service can be cost-effective and highly successful for businesses who wish to target specific audiences and make the most of every marketing dollar.  Carefully planning and executing your AdWord campaign with the search engine behemoth is the key to getting the most bang for your buck in the advertising world.  What are the top tips and tricks to managing a successful Google AdWords campaign?  Let’s look at suggestions from leaders in business and examine how these ideas can keep you on track.

Research – As with any marketing strategy, do your homework in advance.

  • Find out the most relevant keywords that are being typed in to search engines for your service/product/brand.
  • Research the background of companies that are using these keywords and are consistently ranking at the top of searches.  Visit their websites to find out what the strategy is behind their campaign.  How are they like your company?  How are they different?  How can you learn from what they are doing? How can you stand out from them?
  • Lastly, in the research department, find out as much as you can about your audience.  What are they saying in online reviews? How do they feel about your competition?  What is missing that you might be able to offer?

Know your Goal – As you commence an AdWord campaign know exactly what you hope to get out of the strategy.  The only way to measure your success is to have measurable goals from the outset.  Keeping things too vague like “increase traffic to our site” will not allow you to analyze whether it is working or not.  Be more specific such as: “increase traffic by a certain percent”  or “a percent of clicks that convert to buyers”.

Keywords that Match – Marketing leaders suggest using a very small list of keywords that are extremely focused  as you begin your AdWords campaign.  Using Exact Match, Phrase Match and Broad Match to ensure that your ad will show up for the most relevant searches.  Utilizing long-tail keywords (keywords made up of 3+ words) that describe your exact services are much more likely to convert compared with broader, single word keywords. Use Google Tools to help you come up with the best keywords for your business.

Be Aware of Mobile, Desktop and Tablet Traffic Differences – Search networks are different depending upon the device you are using.  Since a large portion of the public uses mobile devices be sure you are using mobile -preferred ads.  A customized message and call-to-action for mobile uses will hopefully result in higher conversion rates.

Analyzing – While this may seem time consuming, tracking the results of your efforts is the one true way to find out if you are using the right keywords, targeting the audience appropriately and spending your precious marketing dollars in the proper channels.




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