Impact of Robotics on Business

May 14, 2015 9:45 am

Robotics are all around us.  We drive cars that are, in part, built by robots.  We use computers, laptops, tablets and phones that are built by robots.  We order products from large warehouses that are assembled, sorted and mailed by robots.  Robotics impact our social and business lives in powerful ways.  Robotics of the future could bring society self-driving cars or even digital agents that work for you.  The increase in occurrences of robotics in business has both positive and negative impacts.  Let’s consider the future of robotics in business and how it can impact our world.  Today, robots are doing human labor in all kinds of places. The top fields that robotics are being used include: manufacturing (from cookies and candies to cars and computers), medicine (neurosurgery, radiation therapy, and even some forms of diagnosis), warehouse operations (increasing efficiency and productivity) and in law enforcement (such as bomb detecting robots). The future of robotics, as analyzed by RoboHub Online is in the fields of: drones, prosthetics and exoskeletons, artificial assistants and believe-it-or- not driver-less cars!  These areas are set to explode into the business world, in fact, to quote William Gibson: “the future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.”Benefits of Robotics in the Business world – Robotics have already begun to impact the business world.  What are some of the benefits of the robotic revolution?

    Robots can reduce risk of injury to humans in dangerous work environments. Industrial and manufacturing jobs are not always the safest, and by implementing robots over humans this can prevent people from being exposed to dangerous, stressful, or unhealthy environments. The perfect example of this is the use of robotics in the military, where humans can stay out of harms way in dangerous situations including the use of unmanned planes. Robots are more precise and efficient than humans.  Medical, and industrial errors can be almost eliminated with the use of robots. By using robots, businesses can see massive savings and cost effective changes to jobs that may take humans days to complete. Robots can produce high quality products.  High-quality products can lead to higher sales, which means the company that uses technology like robots is more likely to stay alive and vital, which is good for the economy.

Negative Impact on Business and the Global Economy- Robotics can contribute to long term structural unemployment, which means unemployment that can often be long term as it is part of a fundamental shift in the skills needed by an economy. This can weaken consumer spending and consumer confidence levels.(Source: Euromonitor International)


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