Easy Ways for your Company to be More “Green”

February 25, 2016 1:08 pm
We’ve all probably heard of the three “Rs” by now:  “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.”  Becoming more “green” has evolved from a fringe movement to a major part of our American culture.  Even small and medium sized businesses are emerging as environmentally friendly.  Want to get with the program and be more “green” at your company?  Here are some tips to get started and not only help the environment but also save yourself some money in the process!  


Save Power (and money) –
  • Invest in an automatic system that powers down technology when not in use and during non-peak hours. This could include lights, computers, kitchen appliances and even heat!
  • Re-evaluate Lighting – Artificial lighting represents 40 percent of electricity consumption in a typical office building, and almost a quarter of all electricity in the US. Take a second look at how the natural lighting can be used in your office.  This could include changing out blinds or even knocking down walls that block out light in cubical areas. Install motion sensors for bathroom and conference room lighting that is not always needed.  Wherever possible switch out high energy light bulbs for compact fluorescent bulbs.
  • Watch the thermostat!  While it is not possible to find a temperature where everyone is comfortable try to find a good balance.  Turn up the ac a few degrees in the summer and down a couple in the winter. There will always be someone who is too cold or too hot.
Paper Awareness –
  • Cut down on mailing invoices and start an email program that will save you not only paper but stamps as well.  
  • Buy printers that do double sided printing and always buy recycled paper.
  • Make as many documents digitized as possible. The organization will save you not only paper but also make it easier to find digitized data in a snap.
  • Consider switching to hand dryers in the bathroom.
Appliances –
  • Consider buying energy-efficient appliances when it is time to redo the employee kitchen.
  • Find energy-efficient work room equipment.
  • Be sure to recycle the old appliances wherever possible.
Green Employees
  • Encourage alternative work solutions including telecommuting, ride shares, taking public transportation.
  • Reward employees who come up with new green ideas.
  • Ask employees to be a part of the solution.


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