Brand Consistency in the Social Arena

March 3, 2016 12:50 pm

Social media used to be just  fun, light and easy. In the last few years it has morphed from a playground to the smart marketers dream arena!  According to Pew Research, two-thirds of American adults ( 75%) use social networking sites. The rise of social media has affected such things as work, politics, communication patterns around the globe, as well as the way people get and share information about health, civic life, news consumption, communities, teenage life, parenting, dating and even people’s level of stress. To marketers, social media is a perfect platform to raise brand awareness.

While social media offers amazing opportunities to reach customers that were previously outside the normal reach of the targeted audience, branding on social media platforms needs to be carefully crafted and consistent with your overall brand name.  Here are a few suggestions to keep your brand identity and message consistent across social media.

  • Different Platform, Same Message – If your company is on several platforms including: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn and the list goes on and on, be sure you are putting the same message out there about your product or service.  Yes, you may say it in different ways depending upon the platform but the overall message should be the same.  LinkedIn tends to be more professional while Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter tend to be more easygoing and light.
  • Different Platform, Same Look – It doesn’t matter what social media you choose whether it is one or a whole bunch of them,  your visual look should be the same on each one. For example, if you have a logo or a color palette, be sure to use those across all social media.
  • Different Platform, Same Voice – Your company voice and tone should remain the same across all social media.  This may get tricky if several employees are posting for your company. They should collaborate on the way that things are written and posted.  A social media calendar and regular brainstorming sessions should help with this.
  • Different Platform, Same Relevancy – Regardless of the social media channel your company chooses you should be sure to have posts and tweets be relevant and current.  This is especially true if part of your brand is that you are a trend setters, or up-to-date in your field.

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