Benefits of Volunteerism in Business

July 28, 2016 2:54 pm

There are multiple studies that show that being a good corporate citizen can also be good for a company’s bottom line. But far beyond the bottom line are the vast positive outcomes for the volunteers themselves and the group for whom they are putting their efforts toward. For many companies, volunteering goes right along with the personality and ultimate mission of their business. But for other companies,  volunteering must be woven into the goal and brand using more effort. Regardless of the type of company you run, volunteering has benefits that can be long-lasting for the people involved and the company. Let’s look at some of the great benefits that can be yielded from corporate volunteerism.

  • Happy Employees – A phenomenon called “helpers high” can be reached while volunteering. This can spill over into the work arena as well. The math is simple, happier staff means a positive and beneficial work environment, which yields a higher retention rate for excellent employees. Companies that promote active corporate volunteer programs enjoy greater employee satisfaction, higher morale, and – as a result – greater productivity and profitability.
  • Recruitment for the Future – People looking for a job may be enticed by not only the promise of a biweekly paycheck but also by the chance to make a difference. Working at a socially responsible company can be a great recruitment tool.
  • Brand Awareness and Visibility – Giving of time doesn’t just mean that employees gain a sense of purpose and gives a positive connotation for your business name, it can also mean clear financial incentives for the company as well. A well-established and skillfully-promoted corporate volunteer program can raise a company’s visibility in the community. This can improve a company’s reputation in the public’s eye, or help maintain a hard-earned reputation in the face of challenges.
  • Team Bonding – Your wok community can bond over deadlines and projects but volunteering takes that bond beyond the office walls and gives them just one more thing that brings them together. People who work well together as a team are one of the most valuable assets any employer can have and, mixed with volunteering, employees enjoy the mutual feeling of contributing to something positive.


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