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Negotiating with Finesse

Negotiating with Finesse

Friday, October 4, 2019

The Enterprise Center at Salem State University

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This course examines ways we can build a productive dialogue in both our day to day interactions and formal negotiations.

At its core, understanding and applying negotiation principles help us communicate constructively, create a positive frame of reference, and help open up as many options as possible.  We will learn to create a conversation around designing a complete list of possible options before jumping to what may be premature and insufficient immediate solutions. When people trust each other, they are more likely to communicate accurately their needs, positions, and the facts of the situation.  In contrast, when people do not trust each other, they are more likely to engage in positional bargaining, to use threats, and to commit themselves to tough positions.

We will look at how to assess and understand the feelings and attitudes of all parties, and how they may bias our interactions while negotiating.  This workshop is designed to provide many opportunities to practice these skills using actual scenarios including an invitation to discuss your own real-world situations for immediate takeaways.

Module One: Getting Started

  • Workshop Objectives

Module Two: Understanding Negotiation

  • Types of Negotiations
  • The Three Phases
  • Skills for Successful Negotiating

Module Three: Getting Prepared

  • Establishing Your WATNA and BATNA
  • Identifying Your WAP
  • Identifying Your ZOPA
  • Personal Preparation

Module Four: Laying the Groundwork

Module Five: Phase One — Exchanging Information

  • Getting Off on the Right Foot
  • What to Share
  • What to Keep to Yourself

Module Six: Phase Two — Bargaining

  • What to Expect
  • Techniques to Try
  • How to Break an Impasse

Module Seven: About Mutual Gain

  • Three Ways to See Your Options
  • About Mutual Gain
  • Creating a Mutual Gain Solution
  • What Do I Want?
  • What Do They Want?
  • What Do We Want?

Module Eight: Phase Three — Closing

  • Reaching Consensus
  • Building an Agreement
  • Setting the Terms of the Agreement

Module Nine: Dealing with Difficult Issues

  • Being Prepared for Environmental Tactics
  • Dealing with Personal Attacks
  • Controlling Your Emotions
  • Deciding When It’s Time to Walk Away  39

NOTE: A parking permit will be emailed to all registered/paid participants shortly before the class date. 

In-Person Class Refund Policy: 100% refund before the first class meeting; 50% before the second class meeting. No refunds after the second class meeting.

Sandler Sales One-Day Boot Camp!

Special Discount: Register by October 31, 2015 and pay only $350!

This One-Day Sales Boot Camp is a complete overview of our selling system for improving productivity and outperforming sales goals.

You’ll find this intensive training enlightening, entertaining and most importantly, profitable. Sales professionals committed to improving their performance will learn how to:

  • Create mutual respect between yourself and the prospect in an honest, non-manipulative exchange of information.
  • Use a selling system that is in both parties’ best interest to generate an outcome for each call.
  • Qualify “suspects” for your time and efforts to shorten your selling cycle and take control of the process.
  • Ask effective questions that help the prospect discover the right solution and close the sale.
  • Negotiate to hold margins and avoid selling on price.

This boot camp is designed for professional salespeople, consultants, and other professionals who need to sell their products and services. Handout materials are provided. Dress comfortably and come ready to learn!

The following is an outline of topics to be covered in the Sandler intensive workshop designed to help you immediately implement winning sales tactics:

1. Establishing Your Attitude for Professional Selling

2. Goal-Setting: Creating a Game Plan for Success

3. Creative Prospecting Techniques: New Account Development

4. Sales Methodology:

a. Making the First Five Minutes Count

b. Establishing Commitment and Mutual Agreement

c. Emotional Drivers: Selling to Business and Personal Gains/Pains

d. Dealing with Money Issues

e. The Prospect’s Decision Making Process

f. The Keys to Successful Proposals, Bids or Estimates

g. Dealing with Stalls and Objections

h. Client Commitments – Post Sell

Boot-Camp Includes:
• Pre-training Sales Survey
• All training materials
• Continental Breakfast and Lunch

Notes: A Parking Permit will be emailed to you upon receipt of registration/payment. class is held at the Enterprise Center, located on Central Campus at Salem State University.  

Register Now!  $450 ($350 before October 31, 2015)