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Career Development: Taking Ownership of Your Career Path

Career Development: Taking Ownership of Your Career Path

Friday, November 15, 2019

9 am – 3:30 pm

The Enterprise Center at Salem State University

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In this workshop, we will look at how to assess your strengths and your transferable competencies by answering the question:  What skills do I have today that will carry forward to my next employment and what skills do I still need to develop?

We will:

look at the Big Seven Skills Gap in the workplace today: Teamwork, Communication, Analytic Thinking, Creativity, Agility, Organization, Cultural Awareness (Committee for Economic Development). We will discuss how to do a personal assessment of these skills and others and how you can prepare to develop the skills in most demand.

Second, create a career strategy by considering the kind of positions or roles would you like to fill in the next five years.

Third, research these target positions and check out the job requirements to find the needed skills, experience, and training. Finally, ask what you need to do now to be ready for your target job and career goal.

We will also offer tips on building your career through seeking out and creating powerful and effective relationships within your personal network.  Some of these tips include identifying thought leaders and visionaries in your industry and following them. You may routinely and intentionally find people you respect and can serve as accountability partners including mentors who will challenge you and champion you on your career path. Learn to be selective in your networking activities so there is time to establish real relationships and genuinely demonstrate your value to select members in your network. Use social media wisely. Remain curious, keep a global perspective, and be willing and able to be agile and flexible.  Come and participate in the dynamic, interactive learning experience.

Module One: Five Tips for Building Your Career

  • Tip One: Find mentors who will challenge and champion you
  • Tip Two: Identify thought leaders to keep current what is trending
  • Tip Three: Genuinely demonstrate your value to select members in your network
  • Tip Four: Clearly define your top five strengths and be able to communicate them concisely
  • Tip Five: Know your transferable competencies as one of your best assets moving forward

Module Two: How do I assess and develop my Professional Skills?

  • Master List of Professional Skills
  • Self Directed Assessment Tools
  • Determining Which Skills I Need to Develop
  • Creating a Plan for Developing the Skills I Need

Module Three: Communication

  • Ways We Communicate
  • Improving Nonverbal Communication
  • Listening
  • Openness and Honesty

Module Four: Teamwork

  • Identifying Capabilities
  • Get Into Your Role
  • Learn the Whole Process
  • The Power of Flow

Module Five: Problem-Solving and Analytical Thinking

  • Define the Problem
  • Generate Alternative Solutions
  • Evaluate the Plan
  • Implementation and Re-Evaluation

Module Six: Time Management

  • The Art of Scheduling
  • Prioritizing
  • Managing Distractions
  • The Multitasking Myth

Module Seven: Attitude and Work Ethic

  • What Are You Working For?
  • Caring for Others vs Caring for Self
  • Building Trust
  • Work Is Its Own Reward

Module Eight: Adaptability/Flexibility

  • Changing to Manage Process
  • Changing to Manage People
  • Showing You’re Worth Your Weight in Adaptability

Module Nine: Self-Confidence (Owning It)

  • Confident Traits
  • Self-Questionnaire
  • Surefire Self-Confidence Building Tactics
  • Build Up Others

Module Ten: Creativity and the Ability to Learn

  • Wow, You Mean I’m Not Perfect?
  • Listen with an Open Mind
  • Analyze and Learn
  • Clear the Air and Don’t Hold Any Grudges

Module Eleven: Networking

  • Redefine Need
  • Identifying Others’ Interests
  • Reach Out
  • When to Back Off

NOTE: A parking permit will be emailed to all registered/paid participants shortly before the class date. 

In-Person Class Refund Policy: 100% refund before the first class meeting; 50% before the second class meeting. No refunds after the second class meeting.