Natalie Bowers

After spending two decades working in Marketing and Economic Development for the financial and public sectors, Natalie Bowers knows what truly drives successful growth, increased revenue, conversions, sold-out launches and media exposure—and it’s not all social media (although those platforms can definitely help!). True success lies in how well you connect with the real, living and breathing people you’re trying to help.
Natalie began her career in New York within the Financial Services sector as an Editor and Research Manager for Thomson Financial, a global aggregator of Shareholder data. The company was acquired by Reuters and this acquisition landed Natalie into the world of multinational consulting. She spent eight years working for firms in London within the investment community, helping them align their operational capacity with new markets.
After London, Natalie moved to Cincinnati. While there, she spent almost a decade in the public sector working for a municipality where she re-branded the City, revived the Arts District, helped small businesses and increased the area’s economic attractiveness to investors.
Natalie holds a Masters in Finance and Marketing from Oxford Brookes University in London, and an English Literature degree from the University of North Carolina - Wilmington. She also attended New York University’s Continuing and Professional Studies Program and has taken various independent study courses for writing and web design. She has ghost written and edited three novels and is currently pursuing her Google Adwords Certification. See her resume here.

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