Juliet Gil

Juliet Gil, Nonverbally Speaking LLC, Owner and Lead Investigator
Juliet Gil has researched Nonverbal Communication and Body Language since 2011.
Extensive experience as Marketing Director for various Construction companies. Inspired
to learn the best applicable strategies to overcome issues regarding truth, confidence,
being heard and taken seriously. Challenged by insecurities in gauging intent, strength in
relationships and effective communication, the next step begun by applying Body
Launched Nonverbally Speaking LLC to train companies, coach individuals and groups
to achieve goals through the power of Body Language; designed to thrive in every
industry. Through a variety of fun, informational, and not-easy-to-forget formats such as
Keynote Presentations, Workshops, Coaching Packages and Retreats.
Juliet has accredited training and certifications to provide science-based principles that
can be applied right away, including Science of People. Workshops and programs are
developed to increase influence levels by improving and learning charisma, presence,
perceptiveness, leadership, first impressions and deception detection skills.
Science-based, practical training! Juliet is a passionate investigator of human behavior to
teach how to interpret and decode nonverbal cues.
International Business Manager from U.P.B in Colombia, Marketing and Negotiations
Lead investigator for Negotiation and Body Language
Certified Body Language Trainer from Science of People
Paul Ekman Training Tools
Humintell Training Tools
MORE: www.nonverballyspeaking.com
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