Elizabeth Bernaiche

Senior HR Business Partner and Compensation Specialist

Liz is seasoned human resources professional with over twenty years of compensation design and administration experience. She began her career in recruiting within the financial services industry which provided her with invaluable experience about jobs and job design which became the foundation for her transition into compensation. As a compensation professional, Liz has helped numerous clients across various industries assess their market competitive position, establish compensation policies and programs including salary structure development and implementation, and drive salary planning management. In addition, she has overseen the implementation of compensation planning and market data analysis tools for various clients allowing them to streamline their processes and make more efficient and effective compensation decisions. Liz strongly encourages clients to take a holistic approach to compensation by assessing and evaluating both base and variable compensation programs to ensure true market competitiveness.

Prior to joining Insight, Liz was Vice President of Compensation at State Street Corporation and was responsible for designing and implementing both base and variable compensations programs, as well as, managing the annual total compensation planning process worldwide. Liz holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a Master of Science degree in Human Resources Development from Northeastern University.