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2018 Business Plan Competition Overview


The Business Plan Competition is back and better! 

We spent 2017 re-thinking the Plan and have redesigned it to make it more interactive, give business owners the chance to “pitch” their business idea before entering the formal competition, and worked to increase the exchanges that can take place between business owners and the resources offered by the Enterprise Center.

The overall goal of the Competition remains the same:  the Enterprise Center wants to find 3 promising businesses and award them $20,000, collectively, in prize monies.  Eligible businesses can include either startups or existing businesses that demonstrate specific expansion plans.  By awarding these businesses prize monies, the Competition hopes to bring jobs, energy and economic activity to grow this region of the Commonwealth.

Come join us, on Wednesday, January, 10, 2018 (5:30 pm – 7:00 pm) for our Business Plan Competition INFORMATION SESSION.  We are inviting previous Competition winners to come talk to you about why they entered the Competition, how it helped them and where they are today. 

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What is different and how have we improved the Competition?

  • The Competition is now a yearlong event. It starts in November 2017 and ends with the Competition Finale in November 2018;
  • Businesses now have the chance to “PITCH” their business idea to a panel of coaches, before entering the formal competition. This Pitch opportunity means business owners can try out their idea, get feedback from coaches and improve their overall plan before entering the Competition. Businesses can enter a PITCH competition and then the full Competition or the Competition only;
  • Based on what businesses want to do, they are asked to fill out the PITCH Application or the COMPETITION Application;
  • We have changed the geographic focus. In order to qualify, the business must either be located in – or plan to locate to – one of the 30 cities or towns that make up the North of Boston region. (See list of eligible Cities and Towns).

What is the same?

  • The eligibility criteria remain the same;
  • The Competition Application remains the same;
  • The prize money remains the same: $10,000 for the 1st place winner; $6,000 for 2nd place and $4,000 for 3rd

The Enterprise Center is updating this website, to reflect these changes. Please check back in November 2017 for the Competition schedule, the applications and other important materials.