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Improving your Social Media Strategy

Your business is on several social media platforms, posting regularly, and trying to engage viewers.  But you feel your social media campaign could use some help, possibly to increase following, fans or even trying something different to get better results.  Here are a few suggestions of how to shake things up a bit and boost your engagement on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other platforms.

  • Video or Audio – Perhaps you have a “how-to” video or informational video that you think may help readers relate to you and your company better.  They are easy to make- even with an iphone and fairly easy to download onto your social media site.  Videos and audios are yet another way for viewers to engage with your services, products and employees.  Take the leap and try it to see what kind of results you may get!
  • Use Games and Quizzes – Social media is meant to be fun and interesting so make unique games and quizzes related to your field.  You may find that viewers stop and think about your question thus thinking about your brand!  Using trivia games to bring in more likes, follows, and traffic is a great way to build up engagement and bring in more customers. It can also be a lot of fun!
  • Ask Viewers to Share – Ask your consumers to add to your posts by giving a testimonial or comment about the product or service.  Be sure to be on top of these in case criticisms are posted.  Those should be handled professionally and in a way that is true to your brand.
  • Use Custom Photos – Consumers are savvy enough to know when stock photos are being used.  Custom photos can show off the people in your business and the physical office.

About Mike Sperling

Mike is the Founder and Director of Sperling Interactive. Mike’s keen eye for photography, extensive technology skills and innovative marketing ideas make Mike a leader in the website design and management field. He is proficient in html, css, php, javascript, MySQL and the Adobe Design Suite. Before founding Sperling Interactive, Mike worked his way up from staff photographer at the Eagle Tribune Publishing Company to the lead operator and manager of multiple websites for daily and weekly publications. Known as the “media guru”, Mike gathered years of experience before making the leap to start his own business. He graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a BFA in Photojournalism and a minor in Mass Communications. When Mike is not meeting with clients or designing new websites he enjoys spending time with his wife, Jodi, daughter Zoey, and son Camden. Mike enjoys hiking, geocaching, traveling, movies, the Baltimore Orioles & Ravens.