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Cybersecurity For Anyone Who Makes Their Living On The Internet (6 Sessions)

Salem State University

352 Lafayette St. | Salem, MA 01970

Thu, Feb 2, 2017 @ 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Cost: $450.00

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This course teaches you how to make it on your own in the shark-infested waters of the Internet!
For decades, the complexity of the computing environment and its security vulnerabilities have been growing exponentially while the not very computer-savvy end users have been left behind and now find themselves in great danger in an insecure digital world.
This course is not for computer specialists, nor is it for those who send the occasional email or just browse the Web. This class is for small home-based business owners:  for those who extensively use financial institutions online, for employees of larger companies working from home, and for consultants and accountants., etc.. In other words, this class is for those “end users” who make their living on the Internet.  Few business owners understand contemporary digital security issues well enough to avoid making dangerous mistakes that jeopardize their very livelihood. The program presents a high-level view of the fundamental processes that control computers, the Internet and the WWW.  It concentrates on the security vulnerabilities of these environments and what an end user can do to avoid getting hurt by security failures.
By the end of this course, your personal computer and your whole home-computing environment will be much better protected against the dangers of the global digital world…you will learn rules that explain how to avoid making dangerous mistakes.
The course will cover:

  • Your computing Platform
  • What is a network and whuy is it so dangerous
  • Is the WWW secure?
  • End user personal security



Benjamin Levin

Benjamin Levin is a software engineer and systems architect with more than three decades of experience in front-line high-tech, specializing in networks, distributed storage systems, and security. He also spent many years teaching different computer science courses in universities and technical schools. Mr. Levin is the author of the textbook used for the Cybersecurity program.

Samual Levin, who is co-teaching the program, is working on his degree, but his excellent knowledge of computers has allowed him to contribute greatly in designing, writing, testing, and preparing the textbook for publication.

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