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Blogging Strategies for Business

Blogs have become an essential part of the content and social media marketing strategy for many small to medium sized businesses. It is no wonder, since some statistics now show, that 87% of visits to company websites make it there through blogs. But what strategies do successful companies use to make their blogs add to the credibility of the businesses, build brand awareness and engage your targeted audience. Here are some steps and tips to help you create and nurture a blog that can help grow your business and become a vital part of your marketing strategy.


  • Plan – Take some serious time to decide a few things about your blog before you set off writing. Answer these questions first: Who is your audience? What message do you want to send to your audience? What voice will you use? (Casual, informative, fun.) What is your ultimate goal? How often do you plan on posting? Planning can help you know the direction and ultimately the reason why you are partaking in the process.
  • Research – There are 3,000,000 new blogs each month! Make yours stand out by: creating a list of topics that your readers will be interested in, research keywords that draw viewers to your site, and do some studying up on companies in your field to find out what sets you apart so your blog can reflect your uniqueness. While researching decide where your blog will appear. Will you promote it on social media or only have it on your web page? Will it appear in a monthly or quarterly newsletter, or email?
  • Write – Take on a “persona” that can help your business connect with readers. Write with a purpose that gives something extra to your readers.  Give pertinent information or “how-to” information that will make the reader come back for more. Leave the corporate tone in the office and share content in a personal way.
  • Analyze – Use analytics to find out what has worked as topics and what has not. Find out what engages the readers and keeps them coming back for more!


About Mike Sperling

Mike is the Founder and Director of Sperling Interactive. Mike’s keen eye for photography, extensive technology skills and innovative marketing ideas make Mike a leader in the website design and management field. He is proficient in html, css, php, javascript, MySQL and the Adobe Design Suite. Before founding Sperling Interactive, Mike worked his way up from staff photographer at the Eagle Tribune Publishing Company to the lead operator and manager of multiple websites for daily and weekly publications. Known as the “media guru”, Mike gathered years of experience before making the leap to start his own business. He graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a BFA in Photojournalism and a minor in Mass Communications. When Mike is not meeting with clients or designing new websites he enjoys spending time with his wife, Jodi, daughter Zoey, and son Camden. Mike enjoys hiking, geocaching, traveling, movies, the Baltimore Orioles & Ravens.