Avoiding Hiring Headaches

January 26, 2016 10:20 am

While it is true that we all make mistakes, some have the ability to become costly and difficult to correct.  For business owners, hiring the wrong person is top among the mistakes that are to be carefully avoided.  The consequences of hiring the wrong person for the position can be long-lasting, so follow some simple guidelines when hiring your next team member.

  • Don’t Rush the Hiring Process – While many times there may be an urgency in filling a vacant position don’t forget about thoroughly vetting an applicant.  Finding out about past employment, qualifications and personality fit can take a few weeks.
  • Not Checking or Asking for Enough References – While many managers will give a good review, also ask for peer references to be sure the fit is appropriate.
  • Not Hiring an Expert – Many employees in certain fields such as technology are generalists who know a little about a lot of areas.  Try to avoid someone who is a “Jack-of-all-trades”  and find someone who is more specialized for what you need.
  • Not Clearly Defining the Job Position – While a vague job description may seem like a good idea to get a wide applicant pool, it may come back to haunt you later when an employee claims they do not have a needed skill.
  • Don’t Rely on Job Posting Alone – Some of the best candidates are the ones who are not “looking” but rather are the ones who their peers point of during networking or conferences as an expert who would be a perfect fit for the company.

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