The Enterprise Center

2014 BIG Idea Video Pitch Contest!

Congratulations to the 6 finalists of the 2014 Big Pitch Competition! Thank you to all 38 individuals and groups who entered and shared your Big Idea and helping to get 629 total votes! After presenting to a panel of judges and engaging in a question-and-answer period, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners as well as 3 Honorable Mentions were selected!

“A few months ago, my big idea was no more than a sketch on a piece of paper. The Enterprise Center at Salem State has given me the confidence and support to move towards making this sketch a tangible and marketable product.” — Steve Mull, 1st Place Winner

“The Big Pitch Contest was fun and exhilarating. It allowed me to advertise my business idea in a fun, educational way. The feedback the judges gave were useful and beneficial. They encouraged me to adapt my idea into a reality!” –Leanne Wagner, 2nd Place Winner

“The Big Idea Pitch Contest was a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to network their business idea and enhance their public speaking ability. Ultimately, it was an exercise in practicing critical presentation skills needed in any professional career.” — Caleb MacDonald, 3rd Place Winnner

Photos from the Big Idea Pitch Finale!



And the Winners Are:


English Major, Gordon College
Dual Durometer Skate Wheel



SECOND PLACE: Leanne Wagner
History Major, Salem State University
Pens for Pals



THIRD PLACE: Caleb MacDonald
International Business/Computer Science Major, Endicott College
Voldea – What Will You Start? 


Eric Hibbard, Marketing Major, Salem State University
Cassie Ferreira, Graphic Design Major, Salem State University
Nael Cabana, Business Major, Salem State University
Think Smart, Think Local


Meaghan O’Donnell, Management Major, Salem State University
Ryan Kripp, Entrepreneurship Major, Salem State University
Dave Agolli, Finance Major, Salem State University
Kimberly Ma, Business Administration/Accounting, Salem State University

The Parking App 



Luke Flipp, Communication Major
Salem State University
Save the Tigers